Kung Fu Tea Nutrition or Calories Best 1 Chart

Kung Fu Tea is a chain of tea shops that offers a variety of tea drinks, including milk tea, fruit tea, and bubble tea. The nutritional content of these drinks can vary depending on the specific ingredients and size of the serving. We shared the Kung Fu Tea Nutrition or Kung Fu Tea Calories Details below.

Kung Fu Tea Nutrition

Standard Toppings

Premium Toppings

Sugar Level



Classic Flavors and Calories

classic flavors and calories

Punch Flavors

punch flavors and calories

Slush Flavors and Calories

slush flavors and calories

Milk Tea Flavors and Calories

milk tea flavors and calories

Yogurt Flavors and Calories

yogurt flavors and calories

Milk Strike Flavors and Calories

milk strike flavors and calories

Espresso Flavors and Calories

espresso flavors and calories

What’s New & Seasonal

what’s new seasonal flavors and calories

Adventure Collection Flavors and Calories

adventure collection flavors and calories .


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