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Doctor Alexa is an online platform that helps patients to find healthcare providers or services and connect with them quickly and easily. We provide resources to help patients find the right doctor for their needs and to make informed decisions about their health. We also provide personalized support for those who need help or have query about their health. Our mission is to make healthcare more easy accessible, efficient, and affordable.

Doctor Alexa Services and Price

Common Medical Condition

Strep Throat$59.99
Sinus Infection$59.99
Dental Infection$59.99
Acute Bronchitis/ Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)$59.99
Urinary Tract Infection$59.99
Cold Sore$59.99
General Consultation Form$69.99
Urgent Care Medical Form$69.99
Sick Note and Treatment$69.99

STD/Sexual Health

Genital Herpes$59.99
Trichomonas $49
Combination of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trichomoniasis$79
Combination of Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis and Syphilis$79

Mental Health

Bipolar Disorder$100
General Anxiety Disorder$99
Quite Smoking $59.99
Metal Health Follow Up$80

Men’s Health

Hair Loss$59.99
Erectile Dysfunction$59.99
Premature Ejaculation$59.99

Women’s Health

Vaginal Yeast Infection$59.99
Bacterial Vaginosis $59.99
Period Delay$59.99
Birth Control$59.99

Lab Test

Urinalysis and STD Test(Self Pay)

Urinalysis with culture $75
Trichomonas $60
Chlamydia Lab Test $50
Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma Test$75
STD 5 Complete Panel$165
STD 3 Complete Panel$120

General Lab Test (Self Pay)

Pay With Insurance

Insurance Option Panels$25

Refund Policy

The consultation money is non-refundable. We will issue a refund only if the pharmacy’s medical staff is unable to issue the prescription. Other reimbursement requests that do not meet this requirement will be reviewed at the discretion of the healthcare provider. Contact

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